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Is CPVC good for plumbing?

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) pipes and fittings manufactured by Hindware’s flagship unit TRUFLO is the perfect choice for plumbing. They are easy to install, long-lasting and can withstand high temperatures of up to 93°C, making them suitable for both hot and cold water distribution. The interior of the CPVC pipe is smooth and has very less or no water hammering which provides the optimum flow rate. These pipes are leak-proof, corrosion-resistant and remain unaffected due to treatment by various chemicals. Keeping up with Hindware’s commitment of superior quality CPVC pipes and fittings by TRUFLO are versatile enough to adapt to a diverse range of residential and commercial applications.

What is the difference between PPR and CPVC pipes?

PPR pipes are designed to be as a hygienic system for potable water distribution. Whereas, CPVC systems are used for hot and cold water applications. CPVC pipes have 60% greater tensile strength than PPR pipes and can withstand high pressure in small to large applications. In CPVC pipes & fittings, the traditional PVC material undergoes chlorination process, which adds strength to these pipes and helps withstand cracking of material caused by water disinfectants. CPVC pipes are stronger, flexible, easy to install, resistant to high temperature, durable, eco-friendly and sustainable making it a superior choice over PPR pipes.

Where are CPVC pipes used?

TRUFLO CPVC pipes are used in residences, agriculture systems, industrial process lines, irrigation systems, swimming pools, water supply systems, and fire fighting systems etc. CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes and fittings are made of strong and flexible thermoplastic material. These are ideal for hot and cold potable water distribution systems in residential and commercial constructions. CPVC pipes and fittings are immune to damage from highly chlorinated domestic water and have a temperature tolerance of up to 93°C. Its corrosion resistance, temperature tolerance, chemical and UV resistance make them a versatile option. Being the best CPVC manufacturers, TRUFLO CPVC Pipes & Fittings are produced in SDR and SCH series to meet your requirements specific to that application.

Why choose CPVC pipes?

CPVC piping systems are immune to degeneration caused by the presence of chlorine in its polymer materials that are used in the making of pipes and plumbing systems for potable water. Chlorine is generally added to water as a disinfectant to kill harmful germs and bacteria. This natural immunity of CPVC piping systems can withstand chlorinated water at very high temperatures and pressures where pipes of other materials fail. TRUFLO CPVC pipes and fittings come fully equipped with CPVC coupling, CPVC reducer, CPVC tees etc. and are not only economical but also easy to install.

What are its benefits of CPVC pipes?

TRUFLO CPVC pipes and fittings have more benefits and advantages than other plumbing system components. CPVC pipes are very easy to install and are relatively maintenance-free. The CPVC pipes are superior, long-lasting and safe at all temperatures, especially for potable water distribution. TRUFLO CPVC pipes are UV, chemical and corrosion resistant, providing an optimum flow of water. CPVC fittings come as a complete piping system with CPVC coupling, CPVC reducer, CPVC tees and all other requirements for installation of the plumbing system.


TRUFLO, part of the Somany Impresa Group, offers wide range of world class PVC pipes, fittings and allied products. TRUFLO reaffirms the commitment to quality of Hindware, the flagship brand of Somany Impresa Group, that has been built over six decades. It further strengthens Hindware’s pursuit to provide complete bathroom solutions by complementing its exquisite range of sanitaryware. TRUFLO is one of the fastest growing plumbing brand and aspires to continue offering the best in class range of products and create value for all its stakeholders.

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